In world literature, there are many beautiful and inspiring poems about birds that live in and around Hamilton – eagles, robins, seagulls, blackbirds, swans, hummingbirds, etc. Few poets, however, p...

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So Weird, So Charming.

The other stuff that makes Hamilton great Many Hamilton people, when bragging about our fair city, like to mention the obvious attractions, like the UN-recognized, waterfall-blessed escarpment; the ar...

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A coming of middle-aged story Childhood’s end is often marked by a ritual. The vision quests of Native America, the bar and bat mitzvahs of Judaism, “sweet sixteen” in the US, face s...

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A “Different” Perspective on Hamilton’s Food Scene urbanicity is widely-read in Hamilton’s restaurant industry. Eatery profiles in the “Food + Drink” section, the N...

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Dostoevsky vs. Duct Cleaning

Our home phone number is on the national do-not-call list, but telemarketers keep calling anyway. That used to annoy me until I figured out a way to enjoy their calls, while also promoting literature....

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Consider the Squirrel

A reflection on Sciuridae Rodentia. Sort of. So this Australian guy came to Hamilton and got used to everything here pretty quickly. Everything, except for the squirrels. You’d be outside on a sidew...

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How can one find the strength to write on in this kind of adversity? Staples no longer sells my favourite pen, the Bic Pro+. And I am struggling, I admit, to find the strength to go on. Perhaps writin...

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A Modest Light Rail Proposal

Recently, Councillor Aidan Johnson told a packed, rowdy meeting of the Ainslie Wood Community Association about plans for Light Rapid Transportation in Hamilton. He was enthusiastic about the project...

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