Pigskin Pete’s got a new name: Geoff Connor

Geoff Connor doesn’t remember the first time he saw Pigskin Pete, the bowler hat-wearing head cheerleader of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. It would have likely been when he was a toddler, as he’s been ...

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Breastfeed Fearlessly and Comfortably

Lark & Lux is coming to Hamilton What is the hardest part about pregnancy? Genuinely, I’m asking. I’ve never been pregnant and I want to know. I’ve certainly been around enough people to hea...

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The Cirque is Coming to Town!

Crystal comes to Hamilton’s FirstOntario Centre from June 20 – 24 Did you hear? The Cirque is coming to town. No, not the circus, the Cirque. Cirque du Soleil! That high-flying acrobatic show fro...

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Regus Launches New Coworking Space in Hamilton

Modern, spacious, colorful, and equipped with the newest office technology As a sole entrepreneur or a small business, one of the first things you need to determine is where exactly will you conduct y...

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Wikipedia Needs More Female Editors

This International Women’s Day you could change history Have you ever read a Wikipedia article that you knew was patently false, or woefully short? What if it doesn’t even exist? That’s the real...

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Baring it All for the Camera

Swallow your fear, hitch up your garter, and step into the boudoir You’re nervous when you arrive at the West Mountain home studio of Mellissa Kelly, Boudoir Photographer. Maybe you’ve taken an ho...

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A Home of One’s Own

A housing solution for mental health consumer-survivors Housing is a human right – and we must work as a community to make sure that everyone has a home, because we cannot succeed as a city when we ...

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A Very Hammer-town Holiday

We’re so lucky here in Hamilton, you know? You could do all your holiday shopping online during Cyber Monday, or you could hit the mall during the biggest shopping season of the year, but why would ...

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Rise and Grind – Tafari Anthony

Young, gifted, and resourceful – that’s the model of the musician today. No more dropping off case tapes and burned CDs into anonymous mailboxes, hoping someone will take the time to slog through...

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Let Them Eat Cake and Earn a Living Wage

Cake and Loaf building a solid reputation as an employer as well as a purveyor of Hamilton’s best treats. By Olga Kwak It doesn’t matter if you believe in the benefit of a living wage or if you t...

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