Nickel Brook Brewing Co. is opening a second facility

Burlington’s premiere independent brewing company, Nickel Brook Brewing, will be opening a second facility in Etobicoke in order to create a more direct route to Toronto.

Nickel Brook confirmed that they were in fact the purchaser of the Big Rock Brewery in a deal that was announced earlier this week.

“Prior to COVID-19, we had an aggressive growth plan for 2020/2021,” said Nickel Brook co-founder Peter Romano in a statement. 

“Although COVID-19 set us back slightly, we haven’t taken our foot off the pedal, [and] we knew our Burlington facility couldn’t keep up.” 

Nickel Brook bought the Big Rock Brewery facility in a deal worth $2.1 million that includes all brewing and packaging equipment. 

Not only has the local brewery looked into growing, they are also looking at options to move their current Burlington location to somewhere else in the city. 

The new location in Burlington will be on Mainway with plans to open in summer 2022. 

Lead image courtesy of @nickelbrookbrewing

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