Pride flags will not fly over Halton catholic schools during June

After a special meeting on April 26th, the Halton Catholic District School Board has announced they will not be raising the rainbow Pride flag in front of schools in June. 

This decision has come with considerable backlash from students, staff, parents, and other members of the community. 

The motion to fly the Pride flag that discussed the flag being flown above Halton catholic school was heavily amended at the meeting, and by the end it was decided that there should be more staff training about 2SLBTQ+ students, raising awareness around Pride Month and mandating for each school to post safe space signage. 

A petition in support of the motion to raise the Pride flag had over 15,000 signatures and more than 200 official delegations submitted to the board. 

Organizations locally and beyond provided their stance of support on the flag raising including the Halton branch of the Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association.

Supporters argue that having the flag raised in front of schools would help LGBTQIA+ students, staff, and people in the community feel accepted and help address mental health issues in the community. 

Those opposed to raising the Pride flag say that it is ‘contrary to the message of Jesus Christ’ and that it ‘represents immoral behaviours.’ 

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