One James North

It hides in plain sight, an airy specimen of ’70s architecture at the corner of King and James. It’s walls of windows look down at life on the street. But no one looks up. The address is not famou...

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From the Editor | September, 2011

The time has come to take to the streets! I’m not actually referring to the type of ‘taking it to the streets’ permitted in section two of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Instead, I...

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Making amalgamation work for Hamilton

I’m reading a book by David Rusk called Inside Game/Outside Game, in which he makes a persuasive argument that cities that want to revitalize their urban cores must first unite and align politic...

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The economic value of Hamilton’s built heritage

By Paul Shaker Heritage buildings are often the subject of vigorous debate in Hamilton. Our built heritage is an inescapable part of who we are as a city. It defines us to ourselves and to others simp...

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Public engagement plus the built environment

By David Premi In order for Hamilton to become more competitive as a destination, we have an increasingly urgent need to make our city more walkable and liveable. We know from extensive recent researc...

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The big momma of Art Crawls

By Jamie Tennant Downtown renewal is exciting in concept, but watching it happen is like watching the proverbial paint dry. The pace is steady, but the movements are often so tiny they are barely perc...

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Making friends in Ancaster

By Jamie Tennant On Friday, August 5, the Festival of Friends will host what may become the biggest concert this city has ever seen. The artist is huge – City & Colour, a.k.a. songwriter Dallas ...

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The Transit Fairytale

By Laura Farr In an LA Times column in 1948 called “Do You Know Your City?” the author reminded citizens that there was, in fact, still active rail service available to them. The article e...

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Take back our streets

By Terry Cooke Property prices are surging in many Hamilton neighbourhoods, but as I write this the MLS lists several residential properties for sale on and around Cannon Street that range in price fr...

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City of opportunity

By Keanin Loomis I was told by someone I dearly adore in the administration at McMaster University that if I mentioned the University of Waterloo among some of her colleagues, I would elicit immediate...

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