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15-storey residential building proposed near McMaster University

This article was originally posted on Hamilton Forward

The development activity around McMaster University shows no signs of slowing down, with the recent submission of a new rezoning application to permit a 15-storey residential building to be built at 1107 Main Street West. The site, currently home to the Grace Lutheran Church, is the subject of a new application submitted to the City by IN8 Developments, the same developer that recently purchased the Hamilton City Centre.

The application, submitted this February, proposes to replace the existing church with a 310-unit building with 4 commercial retail units.

The proposal, designed by SRM Architects of Kitchener, features a 10-storey wing on the east side of the proposal, another 10-storey wing on the west side of the proposal, and a 15-storey central section between the east and west wings, fronting on to Main Street West.

The two 10-storey wings feature step-back terraces above the 3rd and 4th floors, along with another major step-back above the 10th floor which resolves the connection between the two wings and the central section.

A view of the townhome units proposed at 1107 Main West.

At the ground level, the Main Street West frontage features 4 commercial spaces totaling 535 square meters (5,760 square feet), while the Cline Avenue South and Dow Avenue frontages are lined with family units and townhomes, along with vehicular accesses to the underground parking and the private courtyard between the three sections of the building.

The building includes 2 modest sized terrace amenity spaces on the south ends of the east and west wings at the 8th floor, along with another two large rooftop terrace amenity spaces at the 10th floor.

Looking northwest towards the proposal, the four terrace amenity spaces can be seen on the east and west wings.

Of the 310 residential units proposed, 4 are studio units, 166 are one-bedroom units, 99 are two-bedroom units, 24 are three-bedroom units, and 17 are family units and townhomes.

The proposal includes 234 vehicular parking spots, spread over three levels of underground parking, with 8 spots located in front of the townhome units along Dow Avenue and Cline Avenue South. As well, 156 bicycle parking spots are proposed.

Given the historic nature of the Grace Lutheran Church that currently sits on the site, the proposal includes the retention and relocation of the main church entrance, that would see the heritage facade serve as a main residential entrance on the corner of Main Street West and Cline Avenue South.

View of the retained and relocated heritage facade entrance.

HamiltonForward will keep an eye on this proposal as it works through the system. The next stop for this proposal is the City of Hamilton Design Review Panel, which has resumed meeting, now virtually, due to COVID-19.

A file containing more information, documents, and renderings is available here.

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