5 reasons you should go to HIVEX 2014

The Hamilton Hive is hosting its 4th annual HIVEX conference next month. Kicking off at the Sheraton Hotel Hamilton on October 18th, the event’s already starting to generate some buzz. And with this year’s event adopting the encompassing theme, “Ambition”, here are 5 reasons an ambitious entrepreneur should grab a ticket.

Learn to Brand Yourself
When it comes to business, image is paramount. But with social media prying into every crevice of our daily lives, maintaining a professional persona, both in person and online, is a daunting task. As well, when everyone’s profile is on display for the world to see, how do you position yourself to stand out in a crowd and draw the attention of that elusive employer?

Working Local
A featured workshop at this year’s HIVEX revolves around everything to do with local business investment. The workshops touch on “key areas” of community, people, arts, economic development, small business, food and agriculture, infrastructure, culture and history, etc. Essentially, this workshop dissects the various ways in which the community can support the local businesses and investments that drive the city. If you’re a local business owner, or have been thinking about getting involved with a small business within the city, HIVEX is a must!

Not For Profit and Social Media
Hamilton is a hub of community oriented and not-for-profit enterprises. Those that attend this year’s events will be given the chance to learn how to engage these dominant organizations and social media enterprises or learn from existing models to help ambitious entrepreneurs develop their own. The workshop will feature a number of young professionals from within the community as they share their stories of embarking on a successful social venture.

Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra
It’s not all hard work and marketing at the HIVEX. The Hamilton Philharmonic will be performing a special performance of Ray Charles: A Tribute, celebrating the musical contributions of the infamous, late soul artist. The night will then be brought to a rockin’ end with a night of Motown music with DJ Andy Inglis.

Mayoral Debates
Staying true to the themes of city engagement and positive change, the crowd will make a change of scenery, joining candidates for a mayoral debate held at the City Centre in Jackson Square.

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