7 prime retail locations waiting for your business

1. Treble Hall

This gorgeous space just off the corner of King and John North is steps from the beautifully renewed Royal Connaught which has been converted into condos and is already more than 70 per cent sold. Prime spot for any number of businesses.



2. Kresge Building

It’s a huge commercial space right on the corner of King and Hughson St. It looks across the road to Gore Park, and is steps away from the Royal Connaught condos, and bustling James North district. Perfect location of a grocery or department store.




3. 224 James Street North – Classic Cafe

Until recently this place was a small, affordable cafe and bar with some games and a pool table. It also has a very large covered patio. It’s now been completely gutted. Prefect size, perfect location, unlimited possibilities. Anyone know what it is slated to become, if anything?




4. 222 King Street East – Payne Music

This place has been sitting unused for a while now. Previously is was downtown Hamilton’s premiere music and instrument shop. Personally, I’d love to see it reopen so I don’t have to go all the way up the mountain for new guitar strings.




5.  31 John Street North

I’ve heard stories about this place. From what I hear, it’s been several things over the years, from a rock venue to a gay club, most recently. Please correct me if I’m wrong. It was recently refurbished, and could make for a neat office building with a street level shop.




6. 255 James Street North

This used to be a quiet games pub called The Stowaway. I used to take dates there to play pool, foosball, and boardgames. It was closed this past winter, and now sits unused. According to a sign in the front window, it comes with rentable kitchen appliances.




7. 135 James Street North

I’ve been looking as this glass-fronted building being used as nothing but a storage space for too long. This could make a great office or multi-use building. The windows would make it so bright and open. Someone, PLEASE!


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