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A 14-storey condo is being proposed for Hamilton’s International Village

This article was originally posted on Hamilton Forward

The International Village is poised to become home to another midrise development.

The 14 storey proposal has been in the works since at least November 2019, and is now in the Site Plan Approval stage of approvals, following an appearance at the Hamilton Design Review Panel in December 2019.

The proposal, located at 1 Jarvis Street, stretches through the entire block to the next street west, Ferguson Avenue, and runs parallel to the under-construction KiWi Condominiums.

The contemporary proposal, brought forward by Emblem Developments, and designed by Studio JCI of Toronto, features a 4 storey podium clad in both red and grey brick, which creates a streetwall that blends well with the scale and character of neighbouring brick buildings.

On the Ferguson Avenue facade, the ground level is lined with 314 square meters (3,380 square feet) of commercial space, and features a generous patio in front of the commercial space indicating that this space is designed with a restaurant usage in mind.

The Jarvis Street frontage is utilized by the residential entrance, two residential amenity spaces on either side of the entrance, and the garage entrance to the mezzanine level parking.

Above the podium, the building mass steps-back and the brick gives way to a modern and glassy section from floors 5 to 9, wrapped with continuous balconies clad with semi-transparent dark glass railings, which serve to provide privacy to residents and enhance the aesthetic of the building.

1 Jarvis Street, looking east at the Ferguson Avenue frontage.

Above the ninth floor, the building steps-back again on the east and west sides, while the balconies are broken up into smaller sections on the north and south sides of the building, in order to reduce the visual mass of the building. As well, the balcony railings from floors 10 to 14 are switched to translucent glass in order to improve outward views.

1 Jarvis Street, looking southwest at the Jarvis Street frontage.

At the top of the building, the design is resolved with an exposed soffit that will be “clad and lit in a distinctive manner,” according the Urban Design Brief prepared by Adesso Design.

1 Jarvis Street, looking northeast from an overhead aerial perspective.

Of the 375 units proposed, 216 are one-bedroom suites, 107 are one-bedroom plus den suites, 48 are two-bedroom suites, and 4 are two-bedroom plus den suites. The proposal includes 156 resident parking spaces, utilizing stacked parking on the ground level parking, and regular parking spaces on the mezzanine level parking. The building will also include 193 bicycle parking spaces.

At the Design Review Panel meeting for this proposal in December 2019, the panel expressed some concerns relating to the massing of the proposal, noting that the implementation of the City’s own policies have resulted in a “long slab building directly next to another long slab building.” The panel noted they would have liked to be presented with alternative massing proposals, and ultimately recommended that the slab form be replaced with a taller, slimmer, tower. The panel recognized that this current proposal fits within the existing zoning of the site, and concedes that a different approach to the massing would require a rezoning.

The panel also opined that all the bike parking should be located on the ground level, noted the streetscapes on both Jarvis Street and Ferguson Avenue are well done and will be quite successful, among some other smaller comments and recommendations.

The City was encouraged by the panel to reopen and reconnect Jarvis Street to improve pedestrian and vehicle circulation.

1 Jarvis Street, looking southwest from an overhead aerial perspective.

HamiltonForward will continue to watch the proposal at 1 Jarvis Street as it makes its way through the Site Plan Approval process, and will update with updated information as it becomes available.

A file containing more information about the 1 Jarvis Street Proposal is available here.

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