A new shop for handmade candles has opened in Hamilton

A new shop for handmade candles has opened its doors in Hamilton, and they’ve got sustainability on their mind.

Green Ash Décor, a recent addition to the Dundas community, specializes in locally-made candles that are totally non-toxic, made using Canadian beeswax and coconut wax as well as essential oils for aroma, natural wooden wicks, and reusable containers.

Launched by Dundas resident Lisa Ryder as a project to dive into during the pandemic, the shop offers dozens of handmade candles available in a variety of thoughtfully curated scents, from lemon & lavender to orange & peppermint and many others.

This passion project started at home for Ryder before graduating to its own dedicated space in the Millworks building in Dundas, where Green Ash Décor now functions as a retail store.

Green Ash Décor also launched an online store where shoppers can browse the current selection and get their hands on some candles that smell great, look great, and are eco-friendly to boot.

Check out Green Ash Décor’s website, and follow them on social media for more!

Lead image courtesy of @greenashdecor

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