A new South Indian restaurant has opened in Hamilton

A new restaurant specializing in South Indian Hakka cuisine has opened in Hamilton, and it’s already capturing the attention of local food lovers.

Dosa Place, recognizable for opening in the former space of long-standing Korean restaurant Alirang on Main Street West, has opened for takeout and delivery, offering a menu of Indian and Chinese dishes with some unique selections.

True to their name, Dosa Place has made dosas the main attraction on their menu. A pancake or crepe made from a fermented batter of rice or lentils, dosas are a delicious South Indian dish often filled with savoury, aromatic ingredients.

The dosa offerings here include tempting selections like mint masala, chilli paneer, cheese masala, and maysore onion masala, among numerous others.

But the menu doesn’t come close to stopping there. Dosa Place also has a stacked lineup of Indian-style breakfast dishes, soups, Chinese offerings, noodle dishes, rice dishes, and much more.

It’s a rangy and diverse menu that’s sure to have something for pretty much anyone, so check out Dosa Place and try it out for yourself!

Dosa Place is open now at 352 Main Street West. Check them out on social media for more.

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