A new sushi spot just opened on Concession Street

Many Hamilton foodies look to the lower city for the prime food destinations; but the Hamilton Mountain is quickly gaining some fantastic spots of its own too.

One example is the brand new Fishing Sushi, which had a soft-open over the weekend and is officially opening today, Monday April 12th.

Anticipation has been high for this sleek-looking new sushi spot on Concession Street, which has been teasing its progress towards opening via their Instagram feed; and with Hamilton loving sushi as much as it does, locals were bombarding Fishing Sushi for an opening date.

Finally, that day has come, and Fishing Sushi is hitting the ground running with a robust menu that has something for literally any sushi lover.

One glance as Fishing Sushi’s menu is enough to overwhelm, with a vast selection of maki rolls from salmon to butterfish to red tuna to scallop; blowtorch and deep-fried rolls; and a solid line-up of vegetarian offerings as well.

Classic appetizers like miso soup, mango salad, and edamame are also on hand, and locals can also order massive party trays with exciting mixes of this spot’s range of sushi and sashimi offerings.

Excitement for Fishing Sushi is already high, with the new takeaway spot overwhelmed with orders over the weekend as Hamilton sushi stans clamoured to get their first tastes.

Wanna give this new spot a try? Fishing Sushi officially opens today at 542 Concession Street. Check out their website for the full menu!

Lead image courtesy of @fishing.sushi

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