A new teeny tiny art gallery has popped up in Hamilton

A new art gallery has officially opened in Hamilton that holds the distinction of being the city’s smallest. Like, seriously, it’s tiny.

The gallery is called the MMOMA, or the Mapleside Museum of Miniature Art, and it’s already a hit after opening to the public only a couple of days ago.

Tucked away on Mapleside Avenue, a small residential street in the Kirkendall South neighbourhood of Hamilton, the MMOMA functions in the same spirit as the popular little free libraries, which are structures no bigger than a medicine cabinets that allow the local community to take and add books for free.

Rather that offering books, the MMOMA is adorably designed like a miniature modern art gallery, complete with a tiny spectator sitting on a little bench and admiring the art inside.

Many of the tiny pieces of art featured are created by Hamilton artists, and visitors to the MMOMA are encouraged to add their own art to the gallery, take a piece that speaks to them, or simply stand there and admire the display.

Small paintings, drawings, sculptures, and more are likely to be found here, with an ever-changing display as locals remove pieces or exchange them for brand new ones.

The Mapleside Museum of Miniature Art can be found along Mapleside Avenue in Hamilton, and locals can follow them on Instagram here for updates!

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