A new vegan burger shop has opened in Hamilton

Lovers of all things plant-based, take note: a new spot for delicious vegan burgers, milkshakes, and more has opened its doors on Hamilton.

Actually, “new” might not be fully accurate. This new spot is an expansion of Concession Street’s popular Heal Wellness Bar, appropriately dubbed Heal Burger and serving up some eye-catching, plant-based takes on fast food favourites.

The new space has opened directly beside the existing Heal Wellness space along the bustling Concession strip at 584 Concession Street.

Though only available for a few short days so far, Heal’s bountiful burgers are already readily recognizable, primarily for the fact that they are sandwiched between brightly colourful buns that are dyed using all-natural fruit and vegetable powders.

The result is a hamburger bun in vibrant purple, pink, yellow, or blue, each one topped with a different plant-based patty and loaded with a variety of fresh, creative toppings.

But that’s not all: Heal Burger also sports a menu of fries – including thick waffle fries and some tempting loaded fry options – and fresh ‘mylkshakes’ made exclusively with plant-based ingredients.

Basically, this place sounds like vegan fast food heaven and will undoubtedly be a welcomed addition to a city that loves its conscious eats!

Check out Heal Wellness on social media for more.

Lead image courtesy of @heal.wellness

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