A new vegan fast food spot is opening in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market

Hamilton’s vegan eaters looking for some conscious comfort food options are going to be in for a treat this month.

A new takeaway vegan eatery, called Bring Me Some, is set to open a stand in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market later this month, serving up hearty and satisfying fast food-style dishes that also happen to be 100 per cent plant-based.

While the eatery is already active in Hamilton with a delivery service that brings vegan charcuterie boards, ready-to-cook lasagnas, and baked goods straight to your door, Bring Me Some appears to be building on their menu selection with the forthcoming market stand.

One such example is the eatery’s fried ‘chicken’ sandwich, teased on Bring Me Some’s Instagram page in a photo that could even tempt the city’s most hardened carnivores. Intended to mouth-wateringly mimic the iconic Popeye’s chicken sandwich, Bring Me Some’s take is done without a scrap of animal product in sight.

But there’s sure to be plenty more comfort food goodness where that came from at Bring Me Some, so follow them on social media to stay up to date on their official opening in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market!

Lead image courtesy of @bringmesomevegan

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