A tiki bar and Detroit-style pizzeria is opening soon in Hamilton

With a recent onslaught of local restaurant openings, a particularly exciting one will soon be opening its doors in Hamilton.

MaiPai Tiki Bar is already poised to be one of the Hammer’s most unique and attractive restaurant experiences, promising a full-on summery Hawaiian tiki aesthetic that houses a bar slinging all kinds of rum and a kitchen slinging all kinds of Detroit-style pizza; you know, the rectangular, thick-crust, to-die-for style of pie.

Sounds like a weird combo? Well, maybe. But if you can’t get down with a smooth shot of rum and a slice of delicious Detroit ‘za enjoyed with a killer tiki vibe, I don’t know what to tell you.

Details on MaiPai Tiki Bar’s Instagram have been relatively vague, but they have revealed the new restaurant will be located in the Barton and Sherman area, helping to populate Hamilton’s east end with more much-deserved foodie awesomeness.

The big opening isn’t too far off, either! MaiPai has said they are aiming to open their doors to the Hamilton masses some time later in December, and are currently hiring front and back-of-house staff in preparation for the big day. Local foodies will likely only have to impatiently wait a few more weeks to pay their first visit!

If the excitement on social media is any indication, Hamilton is more than ready to grab a table at this exciting new addition in the city’s east end. Stay up to date on progress by following MaiPai Tiki Bar on Instagram.

Lead image courtesy of @thebazaarofthebizarre

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