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Q: Adi Development Group has grown rapidly over the last few years, becoming a major player in the western GTHA development scene. What do you attribute your success to?

A: We pay attention to how people live. It may sound simple, but today’s buyers have different motivations and wants than 10 years ago. Success is about understanding not only your competition but also the behaviour of your buyer. With Stationwest, for example, Adi identified a generation of first-time buyers who put an emphasis on community spaces and convenience over that single-car garage that their parents had. We are meeting this demand gap with larger amenities spaces and unbeatable proximity to transit.

Most buyers simply cannot afford that white picket fence anymore, and given the red-hot housing market, people are looking for alternate options. Our homes provide an accessible entry onto the property ladder that buyers can get excited about.

Q: Describe the Stationwest project, and tell us your personal feelings about this project. What about this project stands out to you as unique or special?

A: Stationwest reflects Adi’s emphasis on green space and livability. It’s a transit-orientated community that’s surrounded by some of the most gorgeous natural scenery in the GTA, including an integrated acre of parkland and the Royal Botanical Gardens and marina only minutes away. The community proves you can easily commute into downtown Toronto and have the great outdoors at your doorstep.

We also wanted to create a community with a minimal impact on the environment, and that’s reflected throughout Stationwest. Not only is there a bike and car share program, the homes are built to be energy efficient, with thermal concrete walls that reduce temperature swings. The concrete-build also makes the homes extremely durable meaning lower maintenance and fewer repairs.

Q: Obviously, proximity to a transit hub (train station) is a major selling feature for Stationwest. How important is transit infrastructure to development of properties in general?

A: In Burlington, single-family homes market for around $1.3 million, which is inconceivable for most home-buyers, especially with Ontario’s new housing rules. The new reality is that density isn’t confined to downtown Toronto anymore. In order to support the evolving demands of buyers, cities such as Burlington would benefit from rethinking the residential mix of their downtown. Not only do projects such as Nautique provide a more attainable option to that million-dollar-mortgage, they also attract a younger generation of residents to the area, which, ultimately, helps support a healthy economy.

Q: What is next for Adi? Can we look forward to any new announcements coming? A project in Hamilton, perhaps?

A: You can expect to see Adi Development Group projects popping up across the Golden Horseshoe in the very near future!

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