Almost all McMaster University students and staff are fully vaccinated

Go Mac Go! Nearly all staff members and students at McMaster University are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, exceeding the general Hamilton population’s vaccination rate.

As of McMaster’s media release on Monday, roughly 99 per cent of the university’s staff and 96 per cent of the student body had provided their proof of vaccination via the university’s ‘MacCheck’ online reporting tool.

The number of vaccinated students does not include those who are studying remotely and are unlikely to attend in-person classes and events on campus, nor does it include international students still studying remotely.

The high percentages of vaccinated staff and students is surely in large part due to the fact that the university was one of many academic institutions that is mandating vaccination against COVID-19 for anyone who intends to be on campus in person.

Individuals who are unvaccinated or choose not to disclose their status are still able to complete fall courses remotely, but are not allowed to come to campus in person for any activities.

“Our students, faculty and staff have taken very seriously the need to be fully vaccinated with vaccination rates at the university significantly higher than in the community,” said AVP Students and Learning and Dean of Students Sean Van Koughnett.

“It is everyone coming together that is helping to keep the university and our broader community healthy and safe.”

Read the full release on the McMaster website.

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