BeaverTails opens a location in Burlington

An iconic Canadian treat has landed in Burlington.

BeaverTails, originally founded in 1978 in Ottawa, is best known for its fried dough pastry, hand-stretched to resemble a beaver’s tail and loaded with a range of customizable toppings.

The famous festival snack has since grown into a franchise with more than 170 locations across Canada and even some around the world.

The new Burlington brick & mortar storefront for BeaverTails is located at 3061 Walkers Line C6, giving locals ready access to this delicious homegrown indulgence seven days a week.

BeaverTails’ new Burlington location is one piece of a larger expansion for the Canadian chain, with others planned for places like Oakville, Milton, Mississauga, and right here in Hamilton.

The brand new Burlington location of BeaverTails is open Sunday to Thursday from 10:30 am to midnight, and Friday and Saturday from 10:30 am to 1 am.

See more on their website.

Lead image courtesy of @beavertails

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