Beloved bookshop The Printed Word finds a new home in Dundas

One of the best independent shops for books, art zines, collectible literature, and more has found a new home after announcing its closure a few months ago.

The Printed Word is a gem in Downtown Dundas, located at 69 King Street for the past 6 years and known for a well-curated selection of new and used books, from novels to plays to poetry to children’s books and so much more.

Though the shop was originally set to close its doors completely by the end of October – even hosting a considerable sale of its inventory – The Printed Word has thankfully found itself a new home in Dundas to move to instead.

“We’ve found a perfect new location just in the nick of time! I can hardly believe it myself,” wrote The Printed Word on social media.

So, after hosting a moving sale with everything 60 per cent off, The Printed Word is now in the midst of transitioning the bookshop to 16 McMurray Street; just a few blocks away and still within the Dundas community.

Literature lovers are undoubtedly overjoyed by the news that we won’t be losing this local gem anytime soon.

The Printed Word aims to reopen at 16 McMurray Street in early November. Follow them on social media for updates!

Lead image courtesy of @theprintedwordbookshop

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