Cherry blossoms are blooming in Hamilton and here’s where you can see them

The arrival of springtime in Hamilton also signals the fleeting arrival of cherry blossoms

Cherry blossom trees can be found in various public locations in the city, catching the eye with a brilliant pink display that cuts through any residual dreariness of winter. 

With the unseasonably warm weather this past week, those cherry blossoms made their first appearance in Hamilton; and there are a few noteworthy spots to catch them before they disappear for another year. 

Gage Park, Bayfront Park, the Arboretum at the Royal Botanical Gardens, and Centennial Park in Dundas are your best bets to catch the cherry blossoms, grab a photo or two, and simply admire this ephemeral natural beauty. 

But don’t wait too long: cherry blossom season is usually over after a few weeks at most, so go check them out as soon as possible! 

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash

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