Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives win majority in Ontario election

Ontario is getting four more years of Ford.

Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives have won their second majority government in the 2022 provincial election, with NDP Party leader Andrea Horwath and Liberal Party leader Steven Del Duca both stepping down.

“This is my proudest achievement as a leader of this party,” said Ford in a speech on Thursday night.

“Building a new coalition, expanding our base, creating a more inclusive party where everyone matters, because never in our lifetime has it been more important for a party to represent all of Ontario,”

The Progressive Conservatives received roughly 41 per cent of the vote and 82 seats, with the NDP returning as the official opposition with 23.42 per cent of the vote and 29 seats. The Liberals walked away with 23.62 per cent of the vote, and just 8 seats.

The 2022 election also notably saw the worst voter turnout in the province’s history, with only approximately 43 per cent of eligible Ontarians showing up to the polls.

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