Facebook’s company officially changes its name to Meta

The ‘Zuck’ has spoken: Facebook’s company name has officially changed to Meta.

The massive rebrand was announced on Thursday afternoon by company CEO Mark Zuckerberg, bringing all of The Facebook Company’s apps and technologies together under one brand umbrella.

Names of the existing apps and platforms – like Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp – will not change as a result of the rebrand; nor will the company’s corporate structure, according to a media release.

The news comes amid a tumultuous time for Facebook, with an ongoing public scandal accelerated by whistleblower Frances Haugen who exposed tens of thousands of Facebook’s internal documents.

The documents most prominently revealed the company’s weakness in combatting dangerous misinformation shared on the social media platform, including misinformation related to politics, the COVID-19 pandemic, and vaccinations.

Facebook was originally launched in 2004, and remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the internet’s history.

Read the full release here.

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