Hamilton Artists Inc seeks submissions for public art display

One of the most prominent public art showcases in Hamilton has to be the wall at Cannon Street and James North attached to indie art gallery Hamilton Artists Inc.

The extended landscape billboard has played host to numerous striking pieces of art created by some of the best local, national, and international visual artists over the years; and now, the time has come for a new work to be featured.

Hamilton Artists Inc recently shared details of their Call for Submissions, inviting visual artists working in any medium and at any career stage to submit proposals for the Cannon Project Wall.

The gallery expresses particular interest in showcasing works that “push artistic boundaries and engage with critical, conceptual and/or experimental thinking from diverse perspectives.”

The selected artwork will be featured on the 8-foot by 33-foot Cannon Project Wall for a full year and typically takes the form of a vinyl banner; though, the gallery says that the project is not limited to that format.

Hamilton Artists Inc will pay artist fees to the chosen artist based on CARFAC standards, and the gallery will also cover the costs related to fabrication and installation where possible.

Artists who want to submit a proposal can do so through the Hamilton Artists Inc website.

Lead image courtesy of Google Maps featuring ‘take care’ by Karice Mitchell

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