Hamilton closes downbound Claremont Access amid ‘urgent’ erosion concerns

Drivers who routinely use Hamilton’s Claremont Access in their commute may have to make some adjustments for the next while. 

The City of Hamilton has announced that it has closed the downbound lanes of the Claremont Access between Hunter Street and Upper James amid ‘urgent’ concerns surrounding erosion and slope stability. 

The closure will be in place until further notice as the city works to complete the necessary repairs along the access. 

“The City understands this closure is challenging and results in longer commutes into the downtown core,” reads a release from the City of Hamilton.

“The City is doing everything to reopen the downbound lanes as quickly as possible to limit the inconvenience to motorists and HSR passengers, however, this work must be done immediately to proactively ensure the continued safety of the Claremont Access.”

A formal detour plan will be published on the city website at Hamilton.ca. 

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  • Patrick

    03.03.2023 4:32 pm

    What a joke, it was ‘urgent’ years ago but the City deferred it to another day, hopefully it would fix itself, much like Cootes Paradise, the Redhill, the sewer system and the aging infrastructure.

    • John

      03.03.2023 10:42 pm

      The city has never been the same since the manufacturing was gutted in the name of capitalism, everything is imported now except inflation that’s home grown.No wonder people are stealing food .Can’t imagine what it will be like next year when MPAC jacks up your taxes 50%.


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