Hamilton cocktail bar Farside launches art gallery and event space

One of Hamilton’s most unique cocktail bars now serves up more than Old Fashioneds and Paper Planes.

Farside, a nostalgically retro bar and recent addition to the James North strip, has turned part of their location into a scrappy new art gallery and performance space called B-Side.

An intimate space with a capacity of just 30 people, B-Side is poised to be a hot spot for art exhibitions, intimate concerts, workshops, and much more by local independent artists.

Farside’s owners Mike and Rachel both have backgrounds in the arts and in arts administration, and both cite B-Side as a passion project for them that functions as an extension of their regular bar operations.

Local artists with an interest in making use of the space can submit a proposal via B-Side’s website. Proposals are reviewed by the team every 4 months and there are 4 separate proposal deadlines each year.

The space does not charge rental fees, or take any commissions or cuts of admission for any of the artists and events it curates.

To learn more about B-Side and see a list of upcoming events, visit their website.

Lead image courtesy of @farsidehamilton

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