Hamilton coffee shop House of Java is moving to a new location

A staple Hamilton coffee shop is leaving the location it’s been operating out of for almost 50 years.

House of Java has announced that they are vacating their 166 James Street South storefront – a move they express isn’t being made by choice – and preparing to set up shop in a new location.

Thankfully for residents of the nearby community who patronize House of Java, the move won’t be a far one. The shop has said they’re only moving one block south of 200 James Street South!

In its current location, House of Java has fallen victim to multiple vandalism attacks within the past year, with their store’s front windows smashed in numerous times; a considerable blow for any small business, much less one trying to stay afloat during a pandemic.

“It was a really rough year. But we made it. Thanks to you,” said House of Java on social media.

“So we’re not closing but opening another door. It’s not the first time we’ve had to relocate but hopefully the last.”

Here’s hoping House of Java’s forthcoming location – which the shop says they anticipate will be open by early September – offers this Hamilton mainstay much smoother sailing ahead!

See more on their social media.

Lead image courtesy of @houseofjavaofficial

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