Hamilton introduces a fair pay policy for musicians

In an effort to ensure local music artists are properly compensated for their work at city-led events, the City of Hamilton has officially formalized a Fair Payment Policy that “supports and increases community awareness of the importance” of paying musicians fairly for their work.

It’s a policy that was approved and formalized by city council at the end of June, and was developed in formal recognition of the value of musicians’ work in performance settings.

The policy ensures that local musicians are paid for their work at city-led events in alignment with music industry standards, using rates established by the Canadian Federation of Musicians as a guideline.

“Hamilton has a magnetic music industry with many musicians calling Hamilton home. Musicians are core to this industry and for them and the industry to be viable we must set the example and lead with payment that fairly reflects the professional work and service musicians provide,” said Mayor Fred Eisenberger in a statement.

“I’m proud and encouraged by the steps that Hamilton continues to take in recognizing the importance of the music industry’s workers and businesses. Here, we can illustrate the role that a City can play in developing City policy that supports musicians.”

The city defines city-led events as ones led and organized by city staff; directed by council or held under the guidance of boards or committees; or events where the city contracts a third party who oversees said event.

Hamilton is a music-rich city, with musicians and bands of all genres and sizes making their work here in town.

In fact, Hamilton is recognized at seventh in the world for number of independent musicians per capita, with music also being one of Hamilton’s leading industries for economic growth within the creative industries sector.

Read the full release on the city website.

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