Hamilton is under heat warning today

Here we go again: after Hamilton was under heat warning this past week, the city’s medical officer of health has issued another heat warning beginning today, Tuesday June 21st.

A two-day heat event is expected for Tuesday and Wednesday, with daytime temperatures expected to exceed 30 degrees Celsius on both days.

Additionally, temperatures overnight on each day are expected to sit in the low 20s, providing minimal relief from the heat.

After these next two days, however, a cooler day is forecast for Thursday, at which point Hamilton’s medical officer of health is expected to cancel the heat warning.

For Tuesday and Wednesday, Hamilton residents are advised to prepare for the hot weather by dressing in light summer clothing, staying hydrated, avoiding excess physical activity when possible, and staying indoors in a cool place with good ventilation.

The city will also be opening a number of “Cool Places” that are accessible to the public and available to those who need a space to escape the heat. These locations can be identified by a sign that reads “Cool Down Here.”

Read more on the city website.

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