Hamilton launching program for free menstrual products at recreation centres

Like many other things over the last year or so, Hamilton’s program to offer free menstrual products in five local recreation centres was delayed after the spread of COVID-19.

However, as reported on the CBC website, the program is now set to start in Hamilton in the first quarter of 2021. 

The pilot will span over 12 months and will cost about $121,000. Products will be in food banks as well as baskets in women’s and universal washrooms in Dalewood, Dominic Agostino Riverdale, Huntington Park, Norman Pinky Lewis, and Westmount.

Rumblings about providing free menstrual products in recreation centres in Hamilton started back in 2018 and city councillors debated the topic in 2020.

Some councillors were worried about hoarding the products and questioned the lengths they would go in offering other health essentials.

However, many councillors argued that access to feminine hygiene products is an equity and human rights issue.

Council will reassess the project later this year after collecting data and evaluating the cost of the pilot. 

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