Hamilton passes 2023 budget targeting housing, transit, health

Hamilton city council has passed the 2023 Tax Operating Budget that will see an overall tax increase to residents at 5.85 per cent. 

The increase – which is lower than the initially proposed 6.7 per cent – will help protect valuable infrastructure and resources in the city, with a focus on pressing issues like housing, transit, and health. 

“I have heard from Hamiltonians across the city about the affordability challenges they are facing every day. From skyrocketing grocery bills, housing costs and other everyday essentials there is no doubt that some folks are struggling financially,” said Hamilton’s Mayor Andrea Horwath.

“At the same time, I recognize the urgent need for increased services and supports for people living in our city, and I am very happy with the many investments Council is making in this budget to directly support the people of Hamilton.”

Some of the key investments made in the 2023 budget include a 30 per cent increase to the city’s housing budget over 2022 levels to $70.1 million to help address the housing crisis; enhanced supports for Hamilton’s aging and growing population including healthcare and climate initiatives; and investments in improving roads and public transit infrastructure, including frequency of service. 

“Hamiltonians made it clear that they wanted us to find ways to reduce the tax increase while also investing in critical infrastructure and services and I share those priorities,” adds Mayor Horwath.

“To that end, this budget includes investments in housing, health, infrastructure, and transportation that will build a city that delivers greater prosperity and a better standard of living for all.” 

Read the full release on the city website.

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