Hamilton Public Library is now offering surprise grab bags of books

In an effort to keep spirits up and entertain the city’s most avid readers, the Hamilton Public Library (HPL) has launched a playful new initiative that will allow locals to make brand new literary discoveries they otherwise may not have found.

The initiative is called Grab & Go, and it allows the HPL to craft a surprise loot bag of books, music, and movies so local library members can introduce themselves to an unexpected selection of media to read, watch, and listen to.

The way it all works is pretty simple: library cardholders can use this online form on the HPL website to request up to 10 items for their surprise Grab & Go bag, as well as check off preferences including age range and type of media, be it hardcover books, audiobooks, DVDs, or otherwise.

HPL cardholders can also make more specific requests such as preferred genre and any particular language or content preferences.

From there, a pickup time will be arranged with the selected HPL branch within three days, and library cardholders can simply roll up and pick up their surprise goodies.

It’s such a fun initiative that’s just ripe with possibilities. Who knows? You may just find your new favourite author or see a new movie that blows your mind. Try it out to bring a little more surprise into your life!

The Hamilton Public Library’s Grab & Go program can be tried by visiting the HPL website or calling 905-546-3200.

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