Hamilton remains under an extended heat warning

If you thought the start of a new week might bring some slightly cooler weather to Hamilton, think again.

The city is reporting that Hamilton remains under an Extended Heat Warning this week, beginning on Monday, August 8th and remaining in effect until further notice.

Today’s maximum temperatures are expected to nearly hit 30 degrees Celsius, with a humidex value of 40 degrees.

Locals are advised to beat the heat by drinking plenty of water, avoiding prolonged exposure to the outdoors if possible, limiting physical activities, cranking the air conditioning if available, shutting any curtains to help keep living spaces cool, and dressing lightly.

The city has also opened a number of designated “cool places” where residents can stop in for some relief from the heat and a drink of water. These spaces are identifiable by a “Cool Down Here” sign at the entrance.

The current forecast expects that some relief from the humidity and some cooler temperatures are anticipated for Tuesday.

Read the full release on the city website.

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