Hamilton watch company hopes to find owner of watch lost in Toronto

The mystery owner of a beautiful watch lost their timepiece in Toronto; and the Hamilton company behind the watch is trying to help reunite it with its owner. 

Locke & King, a watch company founded in Hamilton by local entrepreneur Ryan Moran, has quickly become known for making high-quality, elegant watches since launching in 2020. 

With names like The James and The Ossington, the watches from Locke & King aren’t just designed and made in Hamilton; they’re also directly inspired by our distinctive city and its prominent surroundings while feeling very classic and – ironically, for a watch – timeless. 

One owner of a Locke & King timepiece is undoubtedly feeling a little heartbroken, as their watch was misplaced on the streets of Toronto; but luckily, a stranger stumbled upon the lost watch and reached out to Locke & King, hoping to get help finding its rightful owner. 

Moran didn’t waste time putting an appeal out on social media, hoping to track down the watch’s owner and get it back into their hands. 

“A kind soul reached out to us. They have it ready. We really want to get it back to you, so let’s make that happen,” said Moran in a video posted to Instagram. 

Might you know someone who lost their watch recently? Spread the word! 

See more on Locke & King’s website

Lead image courtesy of @lockeandking

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