Hamilton will be opening the flu shot to the public soon

As the cooler weather arrives, Hamilton is certain to see an uptick in cold, flu, and COVID-19 cases.

On top of the city opening up the most recent bivalent COVID-19 booster to eligible residents ages 12 and up, public health will also soon be opening this year’s flu vaccine to the general population.

Beginning on November 1st, all Hamilton residents will be able to receive their flu shot from their family doctor, public health units, or through participating pharmacies around the city.

The annual flu shot is an important layer of protection as we enter a time of year where individuals spend more time indoors and illness is more likely to spread.

The flu shot can reduce your individual risk of getting infected with the flu, or can help minimize your symptoms if you do get infected.

The city will release more details on this year’s flu shot campaign in the coming weeks.

Read more on the city website.

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