Hamilton’s Advanced Vision pairs precision eyecare with designer fashions

Quality eyecare isn’t always easy to find, but this Hamilton optometry clinic and eyewear boutique has been a local favourite for almost two decades. 

Advanced Vision Eyewear Boutique has cemented itself as a one-stop shop for precision eyecare and luxury eyewear fashions, with two locations in Hamilton: one in the lower city, the other on the mountain. 

The business was founded by Dr. Sheldon Salaba, who received his Doctor of Optometry in 2001 and set his sights on opening his own practice in Hamilton at 67 Queen Street South back in 2005. 

“When I looked at the lower city, I thought there was a lack of eyecare services that were being provided,” says Dr. Salaba. “It’s a big, diversified city. I enjoy the community, and I have my work close to my home.” 

The popularity of Advanced Vision allowed for a second location, which opened on the Hamilton Mountain at 989 Fennell Avenue East in 2017. 

Quality eyecare is a top priority for Dr. Salaba and his optometry practice: he also served as President of the Ontario Association of Optometrists and led the charge in a provincewide service withdrawal in 2021 to advocate for more sustainable eyecare funding in Ontario. 

That level of care extends into the practice of Dr. Salaba and his team at Advanced Vision. Starting from comprehensive, precise assessment for individual eyecare needs as well as disease treatment and management for conditions like glaucoma, dry eye, infections, and emergencies, Advanced Vision is equipped to handle even complex needs. 

Then there’s the eyewear side of the practice; something other optometrists may take for granted. 

“My passion, one of the things that really drew me to optometry, is the fashion aspect of glasses,” says Dr. Salaba, who personally curates Advanced Vision’s range of designer frames, many of which are imported from Europe. 

With a selection of frames diverse enough to complement faces of all shapes and sizes, the lenses are equally well curated. They look great and handle precise prescriptions while being resistant to scratches and reflections: an ideal blend of fashion and function. 

Advanced Vision has held strong for almost 20 years with this commitment to care and quality, and Dr. Salaba is quick to credit the community for their support. 

“Hamilton has been generous; they’ve allowed us to succeed in what we’re doing here.”

Visit Advanced Vision Eyewear Boutique at 67 Queen Street South and 989 Fennell Avenue East. See more on their website, and book an appointment here.

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