Hamilton’s downbound Claremont Access will remain closed to August or September

It looks like Hamilton’s Claremont Access will see its downbound lanes closed for a solid chunk of 2023. 

The access was quickly closed at the beginning of March between Hunter Street and Upper James due to urgent concerns regarding erosion and slope stability along the access. 

At the time of the closure – which is being used to address the issue and execute much-needed repairs in the interest of safety – a timeline for reopening of the downbound access had not yet been given, with the city stating the closure would be in place until further notice. 

Now, the City is giving a more specific timeline for the necessary work to be completed. 

An update from Hamilton’s public works department states that this closure will stay in place until August or September, allowing enough time for removal of 600 metres of the steel wall facing which will, in turn, allow the city and engineering consultants to better complete routine inspections and pinpoint problems more efficiently. 

After this work is complete, it’s expected that the downbound lanes of the Claremont Access will reopen to traffic. In the interim, it is advised that local drivers continue to find alternative routes if they regularly use the access. 

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Lead image courtesy of Google Maps 

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  • Gerry Douglas

    03.11.2023 2:37 am

    It seems that the access is going to remain closed and that there is no hope that it will ever reopen again , the date of reopening has came and went with no sight in its reopening ever going to happen


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