Hamilton’s Lewis Mallard is flocking to Toronto

Hamilton’s favourite feathered friend is setting his sights on The Six. 

Lewis Mallard – local folk artist and winged icon – has delighted Hamiltonians for years, making his way around the city in the form of a giant paper mache mallard and becoming somewhat of an unofficial mascot for Hamilton’s arts and culture scene. 

However, after years of photo ops, original art installations, and fun collaborations with local spots like Merit Brewing, Lewis Mallard has announced that he’ll be leaving Hamilton for his former home: Toronto. 

“I moved to Hamilton from Toronto about 5 years ago and found Lewis during a very difficult time in my life,” write Lewis Mallard on Instagram.

“I met my future wife around the same time and as our relationship developed we have never had a chance to intentionally live together. Thankfully that time is now.”

Mallard will be making his home in Toronto in the College and Bathurst area, but don’t fret: with multiple connections to Hamilton still, locals will certainly get to see Lewis back in town for visits.

In fact, he’s already planning a return for Supercrawl 2023 and a small art show at an east end café in December.

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