Hammer City Roller Derby

A photo journal by photographer Eileen Reilly

The women of Hammer City Roller Derby are strong, graceful, and filled with guts. The teamwork that is required in this sport creates lasting bonds as each practice is filled with comradery and cheers for completing a new move. On the other hand, the audience is filled with anxious parents and friends, as the girls skate the grueling and collision-filled circuit leaving fear at the front door.

Speed, agility, and stylish touches are how these women conquer the course. If a player gets knocked down she pops right back up. There is no time for moaning or crying. You’ve got to get back out there and into the thick of it. That’s how you excel!

Hammer City Roller Derby is a competitive skater operated, not-for-profit WFTDA flat track roller derby league in Hamilton. The practices and some of the games take place at the old Target store’s cavernous space where you can pop in and cheer on the action. Don’t miss seeing this team do what they love.

To learn more visit hammercityrollerderby.ca

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