Harmony Resorts is bringing tiny home cottages to the Hamilton area

Tiny homes have become a bit of a social media sensation in recent years, and it’s not hard to see why. 

In an era when sustainable and all-around simpler living is at the forefront of many people’s minds, the compact, cost-effective, and eco-friendly nature of tiny homes is tremendously appealing. 

That’s why Harmony Resorts – a new family of ‘staycation’ resorts and campgrounds with locations in the Hamilton region and throughout Ontario’s most beautiful parks and natural areas – is turning the tiny home into a stylish cottaging experience that’s affordable, minimalist, modern, and has a much smaller carbon footprint than the average cottage property. 

According to Sara Cumming, Marketing Coordinator for Harmony Resorts, a big part of the tiny home’s ongoing popularity also comes from ‘downsizing’ culture, driven by a minimalist desire to do more with less and live only with physical, practical, and emotional essentials. 

 The downsizing/minimalist movement – really made trendy by Marie Kondo – is about living intentionally with only the things you need and that bring you joy, and removing all the clutter from your space,” says Cumming. 

Tiny homes exemplify this spirit. Often making use of a layout under 500 square feet with plenty of windows to give a more open feel, creative use of space becomes key with often clever ways of fitting the functionality of a kitchen, living room, dining area, office space, bathroom, storage space, and at least one sleeping area into one extremely compact design. 

On top of that, tiny homes are typically located in more remote natural areas; a feature that’s pretty attractive for those looking for an escape from bustling city life with a getaway spot offering a peaceful setting and peace of mind. 

When you stay in a tiny home, the outdoors becomes an extension of your living space, and they are designed with many windows to allow natural light and the feeling of being immersed in nature,” adds Cumming. 

As they open more reinvigorated outdoor resorts and campsites around Ontario, Harmony Resorts is putting a focus on their tiny home cottage offerings, with options for casual cottage rental as well as the opportunity to purchase your own home-away-from-home. 

With locations in Ancaster, Jordan Valley, Muskoka, Haliburton Highlands, Georgian Bay, Kawartha Lakes, and more, the family of resorts gives pretty comprehensive access to some of Ontario’s most beautiful natural areas by way of ‘glamping’ sites with furnished bell tents, RV sites; and of course, the tiny homes.  

 At a starting asking price of $180,000 and an average price of $200,000, the tiny home cottages at Harmony Resorts are already a much more budget-friendly option for those looking to own a cottage property; but despite the price and the relatively rugged natural setting, these tiny homes are far from ‘roughing it.’ 

Quite the opposite, actually. Harmony Resorts has built the tiny homes – each ranging from 200 to 460 square feet – using condo-quality materials with high-end furnishings and modern finishes, from stainless steel kitchen appliances to in-home washer and dryer units. 

The purchase of one of these tiny cottages also includes the lot to keep it on, leased at one of the Harmony Resorts locations.

For an even more eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle, some of the tiny homes also come in ‘off-grid’ models, which make use of solar power, propane heating, rainwater capture systems, water tanks, and toilets built to compost or incinerate waste. 

While Harmony Resorts positions their tiny homes more as cottage properties than year-round residences, they also hope the homes will be a strong fit for nomadic and alternative-living individuals who consistently travel and reside frequently in temporary lodgings like Airbnbs but want a simple, reliable resting place to come home to.  

The appeal will also likely be strong for families, especially those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to regularly afford cottage living on a grander, more traditional scale; and for real estate investors looking for unique properties they can use as short-term rental spaces. 

As the world looks to a future that’s greener, more sustainable, less wasteful, and more mindful, things like tiny homes are sure to transcend a simple trend and turn into a more standard option for living; and with Harmony Resorts, residents of Hamilton and beyond can now get a taste of that experience right within reach.

Check out more on Harmony Resorts and their tiny home cottages by visiting their website, and follow them on social media here

Images courtesy of Harmony Resorts

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