Here are all of the Hamilton restaurants offering takeout and delivery during COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has already been extra hard on restaurants and small businesses. With shops and food spots forced to close their doors in an effort to encourage social distancing, many in Hamilton’s food and hospitality industries are understandably worried for their futures.

The good news is, most restaurants in the Hamilton area have made adjustments, and are focusing their temporary operations strictly on takeout and delivery.

That way, Hamilton’s independent restaurants can still bring in much needed revenues, and hungry Hamiltonians can still get their taste of the city’s awesome food while everyone is self-isolating at their homes. Win-win!

“But how do I know which restaurants are offering takeout and delivery?” you ask. Luckily, Hamilton foodie, blogger, and influencer TasteHamOnt has done the hard work of compiling a comprehensive and always-updating list of all of the local restaurants and cafes who are doing takeout, delivery, both, or neither.

“This page has been, and continues to be, an avid supporter of local businesses in Hamilton. I will dedicate this time to share special announcements, including home deliveries and take out options,” says TasteHamOnt on their website.

“We are all in this together. Let’s support each other during this uncertain time while we stay safe!”

Check out TasteHamOnt’s website for a complete list of Hamilton restaurants still providing food during COVID-19, and show some love to your favourite local restaurants!

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