Horse and Train: Classy, comfortable, convenient dining in the AGHj

“Horse and Train”, the famous work by Alex Colville, has been called the Art Gallery of Hamilton’s “Mona Lisa”; the painting people come far and wide to see. So it only made sense for the reopening of their bistro to name the restaurant in its honour.

Horse and Train Bistro, a combined effort by the AGH and Scarlett House Catering, is a quick service restaurant on the second level of the lobby, focusing on classy, comfortable and convenient mid-day dining.

It fills the gap of upscale lunch, coffee or business meetings in the core. Sure, you could go to Starbucks, but it’s usually quite busy and loud, flooded with noise from Jackson Square. You could go to Mulberry, but they’re a more casual service coffee shop.

Horse and Train is crisp, bright and stylish with fine foods and wine.

Its hours are the same as the Gallery’s—late morning to early evening—and will serve not only as a professional meeting spot, but a compliment to the art gallery experience.

Putting a restaurant in an art gallery is not a new idea by any means, in fact the AGH has had food service since the renovated space reopened in 2005. It’s the partnership and dedication to fine dining that is hoped to be another step to reaching the growing young professional clientele of downtown Hamilton.

Mark Stewart was brought on as the AGH’s Director of Commercial activities four years ago, and says that projects like this and the Design Annex on James North are initiatives that will continue to grow the foundation and attract the active community.

The space also offers WiFi.

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