Hub of the Hammer reinvents itself, adds new trivia and games services

Hamilton-based Hub of the Hammer is marking one-year of no in-person events by reinventing itself and its approach to fun group events.

The trivia, games, and comedy focused event management company is relaunching itself as an innovative online group games and trivia platform, expanding its services well beyond Hamilton’s borders, and to a many new industries.

Founded in 2016 by Matthew Surina, Hub of the Hammer started with the coordination of live trivia, game, and stand-up comedy nights for local businesses and venues. Using their expertise, Hub of the Hammer would also work with groups in the community to coordinate largescale events and festivals.

Like many organizations, their regular operations were greatly impacted by the pandemic. As a result, Hub of the Hammer has expanded their services to be able to bring them right to your office, home, or the homes of your community members or customers via their new online platform.

More than that, whereas traditionally Hub of the Hammer worked primarily with partners in the hospitality industry, the expanded services they now offer include:

  • Team Building activities for corporate and enterprise partners
  • Fun and fundraising events for community groups and not-for-profits
  • Trivia and games nights for friends and family groups
  • Restaurant and hospitality online event services
  • And all the above offered in one-off, subscription, and DIY formats

“At five years, we knew it was time to make some changes,” said founder Matthew Surina. “But with the recent global events, we realized just how awesome a change we could make. More than ever, we want to connect with each other, and in fun engaging ways. That’s exactly what we at Hub of the Hammer want to do, lighten up people’s lives and bring people together, whether online or in-person.”

Hub of the Hammer has been a terrific entertainment source for parties, events, team building moments and community gatherings with customizable trivia and games. Learn more about them at hubofthehammer.com

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