James North General Store has a second location in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market

The James North General Store has a second location that sells goods from local, small batch companies in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.

The Market General Store is owned and operated by the people who run the James North General Store (JNGS). It opened in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market late last year after opening the 1872 Coffee Bar inside their James North location.

James North General Store’s coffee area was rebranded to 1872 Coffee Bar after Nespresso contacted the store to serve their drinks. They serve a variety of Nespresso-based drinks including espressos, lattes, iced coffees, and other seasonal favourites.

When the pandemic hit, the James North General Store saw a significant drop in sales as their clientele did not see it as an essential store. Darren Kregar – the owner of James North General Store – told Urbanicity that he was quite surprised that customers saw the store as a gift shop despite more than 50% of their sales coming from essential items.

This led to the decision to open a second location in the Farmers’ Market at 35 York Boulevard. The new location focuses on essential items produced locally in Ontario.

The Market General Store offer patrons of the Farmers’ Market a wide selection of goods including jams, hot sauces, soups, tea, and BBQ sauces. Other locally produced artisanal goods for sale include frozen food, cheese, jerky, and chocolate.

The Market location also carries some of the more popular items sold at the James North location including Beekman soaps, bath bombs, tea towels, and Blue Q bags.

Give The Market General Store a visit next time you’re in the Hamilton’s Farmers’ Market! You can also follow them on social media for more updates.

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