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McMaster’s historically known artists make a return to Hamilton

A former group of McMaster University students known as “The Contemporaries” make a return to the place where they first sparked an interest in art. 

The University held the artist talk show at their historical art museum on February 15th. It portrayed art work done by The Contemporaries years ago when they first became a group and the artists got a chance to interact with students.

They returned to the campus to see their past work and it allowed them to both feel and see the memories they experienced as young artists.

The artists had an opportunity to speak with the current art students at McMaster during the show, as well as talk about the meaning behind their art work.

An important aspect to the group returning to their former school shows is how their shared interest in art is what brought them together in the first place.

As they make this return to their school decades later, they had only gotten closer since they left. This shows how strong the art community was at McMaster and it has impacted these seven artists lives forever.

The Contemporaries art work is located within McMaster University’s art museum, which is open for the public to view. If you enjoy art then this is definitely something to check out!

More information about the history of The Contemporaries can be found here.

Header image courtesy of Building Cultural Legacies Hamilton.

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