Mystic Ramen is opening its own restaurant in Hamilton

A stand in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market known for delicious and comforting ramen is opening its first brick & mortar location in the city soon.

Mystic Ramen, headed by Chef Noah Woods alongside his wife Heather Elson, has become known as one of Hamilton’s best spots for ramen, fusing quality ingredients and traditional techniques with modern culinary touches.

Their lower level stand in the Hamilton Farmers’ Market routinely has lineups of locals clamouring for a chance to get their slurp on; and now, fans of Mystic Ramen will be able to get their favourites from a brand new, dedicated restaurant.

Mystic Ramen will be opening at 51 King William Street as part of Restaurant Row, taking over the restaurant that most recently held That’s My Jam Sandwiches.

At the new brick & mortar location, locals can surely expect all of their favourite menu items and then some: ramen dishes with custom broths, noodles, veggies, proteins, and garnishes curated and prepared by hand.

Mystic Ramen is targeting December 2022 as their opening timeframe for the new King William restaurant. As they transition, their final day at their Market stand will be November 19th.

See more on their social media.

Lead image courtesy of @mystic.ramen

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