New cafe passport helps you explore Hamilton’s coffee spots

If you’re on a mission to try out every possible coffee Hamilton has to offer, a fun new café passport might be right up your alley. 

The Hamilton Café Passport is a booklet that lets you track every coffee shop you visit in the city as well as rate your experience. 

The passport looks to be comprehensive, with more than 30 pages that even include spots that have coffee but may not be conventional coffee spots like Italian restaurant Café Limoncello or adorable International Village shop Cherry Birch General. 

Each café in Hamilton gets its own entry in the passport and they’re all listed alphabetically, letting you rate the café out of 5 stars, note the date you visited, and note the drink you ordered. 

The passport retails for $19.00 and looks like a fun way to keep track of your ongoing coffee adventure in Hamilton! They’ve also got passports for other major cities like Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Montreal. 

See more on the Café Passport website

Lead image courtesy of The Cafe Passport website

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  • John

    08.03.2023 3:01 pm

    This is so awesome. Just got one!

  • Frank

    10.03.2023 9:28 pm

    Uhm, so this does not include any product (like getting a coffee taster). Which “The Cafe Passport” is upfront about to their credit.

    But I don’t see anything about this going to charity, the local businesses or BIAs.

    It’s to “to support local small businesses by spotlighting the hidden gems that exist in our community”… by giving $19 to a company in Edmonton to print up a list of places that have coffee in Hamilton. No grading or outline about what the venue is or what your coffee experience might be.

    I stand bemused 😐


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