New TV series ‘This is the Thing’ is all about Hamilton’s music and comedy scenes

Inspired by a city so rich with stories, Hamilton comedian Mike Mitchell has created a hilarious and endearing television series that was shot right here in the Hammer.

The series, called This is the Thing, is set to premiere on Bell Fibe TV1 this spring and not only features a cast of notable Hamilton figures, but also takes place in the city, using Hamilton’s comedy and music scenes as the backdrop to a story that humorously and lovingly captures the place we all call home.

According to Mitchell, the decision to set This is the Thing here in Hamilton was a key piece of the creation of this series.

“There are so many layers to Hamilton that the city becomes a character itself. There’s a reason so many great comedians and bands have come from Hamilton, and I really wanted to show off everything the city has to offer,” he says.

“I think it’s natural for people to think of Toronto when they think of the Canadian comedy and music scenes – which like, fair enough, I get it – but Hamilton is often overlooked, and I wanted to highlight how major this city has been in its contributions from Canadian comedians and musicians.”

The series stars Mitchell alongside Tim Ford as Mike and Tim, two thirty-something record store employees who are determined to follow their dreams and make it big as a stand-up comedian and a YouTuber, respectively.

The first season will feature plenty of recognizable Hamilton locales and guest appearances from some of Hamilton’s most well-known music or comedy icons like B.A Johnston, Ed the Sock, Terra Lightfoot, The Dirty Nil, The Redhill Valleys, and more.

Though the idea for the series had been kicking around in Mitchell’s head for a long while, the relationship with Bell Fibe TV1 came quite organically after Mitchell decided to respond to a call for pitches of locally-focused content and a discussion started to flow.

“I emailed them immediately, we got to talking, and stayed in touch throughout the insanity that was Spring 2020,” he explains.

“Bell has been fantastic and supportive every step of the way, and has let us make our own weird little universe, which I think is important. Honestly, we’re beyond lucky to be working with them and hope this is the beginning of a long relationship. And if they’re reading this, maybe they can talk to their pals in the cell phone division and cut me some slack on my bills.”

This is the Thing’s first season is made up of 5 episodes of 12 minutes each, promising a television series that’s both a funny underdog story as well as a love letter to Hamilton.

“Hamilton is beautiful, it’s gritty…it’s the best,” says Mitchell. “Hamilton is home. That should go on a shirt. Has anyone thought of that?

This is the Thing premieres on Bell Fibe TV1 this Spring. Check out their website here and watch the show’s official teaser trailer below.

Lead image courtesy of Mike Mitchell

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