Imagine an entire city making a commitment to better health and wellness. Now imagine that same city also committing to helping each other to achieve their goals. How powerful would that be?

That’s the idea behind “No Zero Days”, an ambitious initiative conceived by Craig Spear, owner of Momentum Fitness.

“We all know someone who has made a commitment to making a change in their life and did it. We saw the positive difference that it made in their life. Perhaps you have done this yourself. I asked myself “What would happen if a large group of people all did this together, at the same time? How about an entire city?”

“I want to change the world by changing how people feel about health and wellness. Hamilton is a great place to start.” says Craig.

Inspired by the wave of renewed energy and activity happening in Hamilton, Craig has created a way for every Hamiltonian to become part of this change. No Zero Days means doing at least one thing every day that is good for your health. No matter how busy you are, you can do something positive: 5 minutes of exercise, stretching during a lunch break, choosing a healthy snack instead of something you know isn’t good for you, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, these are examples of small changes that, when done every day, start to make a difference.

It’s hard for people to create a positive habit. We have great intentions, but without reminders and encouragement, most people don’t stick with it long enough to create the habit. It needs to be made easy before it becomes automatic.

Craig and the Momentum Fitness team launch the first #NoZeroDaysChallenge on April 1st and they’re looking for 500 Hamiltonians to jump on board. The NZD Challenge is a 28-Day commitment to creating new health and wellness habits. A combination of videos, posts, live events and one-on-one coaching will guide and inspire participants to follow through on a promise they make to themselves. Be the change to want to see. With 500 people doing it together, it’s an opportunity to receive and give support and encouragement, make a lot of new friendships, and be part of something amazing.

The Momentum Fitness website https://www.getmomentum.ca/no-zero-days.html and social media hashtag #NoZeroDays will keep participants and supporters in touch with the NZD team and each other throughout the Challenge and beyond. A $99 fee to participate helps to offset the cost of providing expert coaching in fitness, nutrition, motivation, and wellness. Sign up online to be a part of the No Zero Days Challenge.

Craig Spear: craigspear@gmail.com (905)512-9934
Mark Tharme: mark@musemarketinggroup.ca (905)962-2207


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