Paddles for Saddles

Come Together right now, over ping-pong…

By Doug Lecinski

2, 3, 7, 20, 30, 40….40 teams!? 

That is how this event started, or I should I say that is how it snowballed into a great fundraiser so quickly!

In all truth – it started months ago when I heard of a great organization called Bike for Mike.

Headed up by Mark Chamberlain they equip the next generation, our kids, of Hamiltonians with bicycles, safety gear and educational tools through school programs.

Mark Chamberlain and Doug Lecinski kicking off Paddles for Saddles

I was curious about their work so I volunteered one weekend with them distributing bicycles to school children and what I saw was amazing, eyes lit up, smiles ear to ear and an eagerness to learn something new, the kids were overjoyed to get their new bicycles and start their daily rides to school along with some close supervision and a helmet.

This is what I saw at Paddles for Saddles. Adults with smiles ear to ear ready to try something new – playing ping-pong – for a great cause!

As I watched people play – I saw smiles, laughs, and a lot of high fives! What I realized is that it is more than just a game of ping-pong – it is a way for everyone to come together for a collective goal and forget their day-to-day worries.

I certainly hope to bring P4S back to Serve next year and hopefully we can keep up the great fundraising for Bike for Mike and their amazing efforts across our great city to get kids riding and making our streets a safe place for all cyclists.

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